American Accredited Degree program at DTU

Effectuating government resolution number 14/2005/NQ-CP on comprehensive renewal of education in 2006-2020, the DTU Board of Rectors focuses on high quality education based on international collaboration. 

Since 2007, DTU has collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University, one of the leading American universities in IT to offer a Bachelor’s degree program in Software Engineering, Information Systems and Network Security; with Pennsylvania State University, one of the top 5 biggest public universities in the U.S in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance & Banking and Hospitality; and with California State University, Fullerton in Civil Engineering and Architecture education.

In 2017, DTU and Troy University signed a partnership agreement to offer Bachelor’s degree programs in Hospitality and Hotel Management and in IT. Students will study at DTU and earn an accredited American Troy University degree. 
Hi?u tru?ng Lê Công Co trao H?c b?ng toàn ph?n Chuong trình cho sinh viên –Th? khoa Lê Th? Thu Ngân.
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co awarded a full scholarship to Le Thi Thu Ngan, the student with highest National High School Exam score enrolled in the Troy Degree Program

According to the Chancellor of Troy University, Dr. Jack Hawkins, Troy University is a public institution that was founded in Troy, Alabama, in 1887. Troy University is ranked 69th in the 2017 edition of Best Southern Regional Universities and 23rd in the list of leading public universities. It is well-known for the high quality of the education it offers in Hospitality Management, the Arts and other disciplines. Over the past 130 years, Troy University has graduated 100,000 students, and it has four campuses in Alabama and an additional sixty campuses in seventeen US states and eleven countries around the world, including Vietnam and Malaysia. Troy University has been collaborating with universities in Vietnam for fifteen years and DTU is the third partner in Vietnam to sign a collaboration for the On-Site Study-Abroad programs in Hospitality & Hotel Management and IT with Troy University.
Freshmen will study English and introductory topics and sophomores will study additional professional subjects, all taught in English by DTU and Troy University lecturers. In the final two years, students focus on more specialized subjects, working with Troy University professors only.
Sinh viên Thu Ngân ( c? deo hoa) và các b?n cùng l?p K23 d? khai gi?ng
Le Thi Thu Ngan and her classmates

At the event, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co awarded a full scholarship worth 454 million dong to Le Thi Thu Ngan, a Literature student from the Le Thanh Tong High School for the Gifted in Hoi An, Quang Nam Province, who scored 28.5 in the 2017 National High School Exam and enrolled in the new Hospitality and Hotel Management program. Previously, Nguyen Thi Thanh - another graduate of the Le Thanh Tong High School for the Gifted in Hoi An and a DTU 2015 valedictorian - received a full scholarship of 800 million VND sponsored by Upper Iowa University and the DTU On-Site Study-Abroad program.  
Le Thi Thu Ngan said: “I enrolled in Hospitality and Hotel Management and it surprised me when I became the Troy Degree program highest National High School Exam scorer with a valuable full scholarship. I am so delighted, as this is a great opportunity for me to receive an international education without moving out of Vietnam and gain an American degree at one tenth the cost. Especially, my classmates and I will have a chance to receive internships in ASEAN countries with the help of the P2A and fly to Troy University in America to attend the graduation ceremony”.

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