Danang City Collects Four Hundred Units of Blood from DTU Students

On August 6th, in collaboration with DTU,  Danang Hospital held “Blood Donation Day”, attracting hundreds of students.  
 Hàng tram sinh viên nhi?t tình th?c hi?n nghia c? cao d?p hi?n máu c?u ngu?i.  
Hundreds of DTU students donate blood
Students gathered in the school yard and queued early in the morning for registering to donate blood.  
Le Kim Thao, a student of the DTU Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, said: “I have registered to donate blood many times in the past, but now I can be qualified to do it. Giving blood not only is a meaningful action, but it is also good for our health. Everyone feels happy to donate blood, so hopefully the blood donation will be held more frequently”.
Ðà N?ng ti?p nh?n thêm 400 don v? máu t? sinh viên ?nh 1
DTU students do not feel nervous to donate blood for the first time due to their awareness of this meaningful action
No matter how hot the weather was, hundreds of DTU students still patiently waited for their turn to give blood. At noon, four hundred units of blood had been collected.  The donated blood will be processed and tested at the Blood Bank of Danang Hospital and will be available to be transferred to patients. 

Previously, nearly one thousand students participated in the Blood Donation Day at the Danang City University of Sports and donated about seven hundred units of blood.

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