A DTU Valedictorian in Finance and Banking Scores 24.6 in the National High School Exam

Huynh Quang Huy was a second year student of Electrical Engineering at another university in Danang, but decided to enroll in the advanced PSU Finance and Banking program at DTU. He then became a DTU Valedictorian in Finance and Banking by scoring 24.6 in the National High School Exam. 
Quang Huy
After reading the books like “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”, by Adam Khoo, and “The Pipeline Story”, Huy became interested in ways to get of becoming wealthy in business, by trading in stocks. He enjoys reading online tips about achieving success, inspired by the lives of famous, self-made billionaires and wants to create his own chain of soft-drinks shops in the near future.

Huy bravely told his parents that he wanted to stop studying Electrical Engineering and take the National Final Exam, to pursue a career in Finance and Banking. He didn’t expect them to agree with this, but they did. 

Huy started preparing for the exam and researching well-known universities that taught Finance, carefully selecting the best school for study. He said: “These days, the field of Finance is constantly changing and developing and we must stay strictly up-to-date with those changes and the latest trends. I chose DTU as the ideal university for me when I learnt about the advanced Finance and Banking degree program, taught in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University, which is one of the biggest public universities in the USA.” 

Huy’s goal was his driving force.  Every day, he spent from six to seven hours revising and doing trial tests, frequently visiting test practice centers to learn more. The 24.6 he scored in the National High School Exam was his reward for the sustained efforts he had made for over a year.  He was happy that his full scholarship, covering 100% of DTU tuition fees, would lighten the financial burden on his parents. Huy believes that, with its prestigious academic programs, experienced lecturers and modern facilities, DTU is the best choice to broaden both his qualifications and himself.

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