A Startup Project to Cultivate Organic Vegetables

Unsafe food production is becoming more common, and, as a result, entrepreneurs are developing ways of cultivating organic vegetables.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Phong, Director of the H2O Farm Vietnam Agricultural SMLLC, and Ms. Le Nguyen Thi Nhu Nguyen, owner of the NongPro Organic Food Shop in Son Tra are working on a new project together.
Anh Nguy?n Qu?c Phong gi?i thi?u gi?i pháp rau s?ch nhà ph? v?i khách hàng.
Organic vegetables for city dwellers

Mr. Phong studied IT at Duy Tan University and worked for a company when he graduated. But then he started pursuing his ambition to starting up his own business. He had very limited resources, little experience and no idea what he should do. After much thought, he decided to venture into organic farming.

In late 2016, Mr. Phong began planting his first experimental organic vegetables. Thanks to associates, he went to HCMC and Dalat to learn and find partners to provide him with the necessary machinery and his first customers were the same friends. Six months later, he had 30 clients in Danang and was advisor to two commercial hydroponics vegetable projects of 1000 m², creating five new full-time jobs.

Mr. Phong focuses on system maintenance after installation at clients’ homes, which is easy. However, the ability to guarantee a daily supply of organic vegetables is not. He uses an in-house N.F.T. backflow hydroponics technology system and provides clients with seedlings, nutrition checks and periodic system maintenance at their houses. Clients just harvest the vegetables whenever they need them and lightly water them from a tank, which is replenished every three to four days. 

Next, he will develop an organic vegetable system using IoT (Internet of Things) technology, providing the facility to track and care for the crops from a smart phone. Using an Android or iOS app, his customers will be able to control the pumps, sprinklers and sun blinds, and check parameters, such as sunlight levels, temperature, soil humidity and nutrition in just a few taps.

Reducing vegetable waste

Meanwhile, Ms. Nguyen had been thinking about how to reduce the waste accumulated growing vegetables, maintaining quality and protecting the environment.

She grew up in the mountainous Que Son district of Quang Nam, and understands farmers’ problems. In 2016, after having working in finance for a foreign company for ten years, because of her love for rural products, Ms. Nguyen decided to open the NongPro Organic Food Shop in Son Tra, where she now sells organic agricultural products based on the VietGAP natural crop standards. Her shop is now certified as a provider of healthy, safe food and employs six local workers.

Ms. Nguyen is developing a new idea. Vegetables perish or get crushed easily and customers often throw them away, which is wasteful and not eco-friendly. Her project is still in the experimental phase, but, two months from now, she will begin to market her new vegetables. Ms. Nguyen will introduce her products at a farmers’ market to promote them. Then she will plant, nurture and harvest for her customers. Then they will no longer require their own machinery, fertilizer or care for the plants but can still obtain home-grown organic vegetables.

Mr. Phong, Director of H2O Farm Vietnam Agricultural SMLLC

Ms. Le Nguyen Thi Nhu Nguyen opens the NongPro Organic Food Shop in Son 

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