Vietnamese Student in Winning Team at CDIO Academy 2017

Thanks to the high appraisal of the jury for their project, “Unified Sensor System” by Le Dinh Nhat Khanh’s team outstandingly won the CDIO Academy 2017 Winner Cup at the 2017 CDIO Academy Competition held at the University of Calgary in Canada from June 18 to 21. 
  Le Dinh Nhat Khanh, a DTU student of International School (in yellow), with the other members of the Jet Lagged team, champions of the CDIO Academy 2017
The CDIO Academy 2017 was to find creative and durable solutions in automation, anticipating possible issues and proposing solutions. “What is the biggest challenge facing autonomous vehicles, and what may a solution be?” was the question being asked at the 2017 CDIO Academy.
Le Dinh Nhat Khanh, created the Jet Lagged team together with members from Taiwanese, Russian, and Canadian universities. The Jet Lagged team outstandingly surpassed many undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students from world-class universities and technology institutes in fifteen countries to win the 2017 CDIO Cup.

The “Unified Sensor System” had striking features such as fuel saving, reduction of accidents, convenient support for traffic systems, ability to synchronize information between autonomous vehicles, and reduction of the developing cost of autonomous vehicles. 

With his confident and professional presentation skills and his fluent English, Le Dinh Nhat Khanh was the one taking the lion’s share of the presentation in front of the jury and convinced the knowledgeable and exacting experts.

“The contest gave me and the other DTU students experience, improved teamwork & collaboration skills, our problem-solving abilities, how to apply CDIO and SUIT to teamwork and division of work, and last but not least it introduced us to autonomous vehicle technology and artificial intelligence.” Le Dinh Nhat Khanh explained. 

In 2000, the CDIO Initiative was founded by US and Swedish universities. The CDIO Initiative is an educational framework stressing engineering fundamentals set in the context of conceiving, designing, implementing and operating real-world systems and products. It now counts 120 member universities from all over the world. DTU was the second Vietnamese university to participate in the CDIO Initiative. The first was the National University in HCMC.

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