The Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam visits DTU

On May 9th, Mr. Pereric Hogberg, the Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam visited DTU, providing lecturers and students with interesting information about Sweden, the people and its educational system.  
The Swedish Ambassador (third from the right) with DTU representatives  
Located in Scandinavia, in northern Europe, Sweden is a country with a well-developed educational system, and the reforms it went through in 1994 are considered very successful. This reform was implemented from kindergarten to senior high school based on the idea of building knowledge while preparing the workforce for the global economy. Swedish students are guided and encouraged to be independent and to develop their own study plans with the applied teaching strategies that are based on the idea of giving students autonomy.
DTU students question the Swedish Ambassador 
Ambassador Hogberg said: “Thank you for your warm and friendly welcome to our delegation. I am deeply impressed with the significant achievements DTU has made recently, including the diversification of its academic programs, its self-motivation in international collaboration, the current student population and the high percentage of students getting jobs on graduation. I will always remember today’s meeting. I was appointed Swedish Ambassador to Viet Nam just seven months ago and would encourage bilateral educational partnerships between Danang and some of our Swedish communities. We will always welcome Vietnamese students to Sweden and offer them valuable scholarships, and hope that DTU will soon be able to share academic programs with us.”

After meeting with DTU Board of Provosts, the Swedish Ambassador answered questions from DTU students, such as: What will Sweden invest in Danang in the near future? Are there any similarities in education between Sweden and Vietnam? And how can students apply for scholarships to study in Sweden? 

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