DTU Wins Regional round of 2017 VUG in Danang

On April 16th, DTU won the regional round of the 2017 VUG in Danang with the score 3-1. 
With “fair play” and a professional style, the DTU team was regarded as a strong team representing Danang to enter the final of VUG in Hanoi in May. 
The central Vietnamese Students’ Association directed the Center of Assistance and Development for Students and Saigon Entertainment and Sports Promotion Company Limited to hold the 2017 VUG. The contest attracted more than one thousand athletes, from sixty-eight universities, colleges and institutes nationwide to participate. VUG consisted of many games such as futsal and a dance battle for athletes. Futsal was a favorite sport in the 2017 VUG. 
The four best futsal teams entered the final to compete for the first and the third place. In the match between DTU and Dong A University (DAU), the DTU team overwhelmed the opposition. In the first minutes, Le Hung Do, a player of the DTU team, scored a goal for his team. After that, DAU also quickly equalized. However, DTU continued to play well and defeated DAU 3-1 to win the championship of the regional round in Danang. At the closing ceremony of the 2017 VUG in Danang, the fun was doubled for DTU when the organizers awarded the second prize of the school spirit to DTU supporters.
Supporters of DTU won the second prize of school spirit

At the match for third place, Danang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy won from Danang College of Technology with the score of 7-1. 
Le Hung Do, a player scoring two goals for DTU, said: “In the past three years, DTU always got prizes in VUG. DTU won the championship and the third place in 2015 and 2016 respectively. I feel very happy as this is the second time DTU has won the championship of the regional round of VUG in Danang. Dong A University is a strong team. They were determined to play with high spirit.  However, we tried our best to beat them with 3-1. We really want to thank DTU for encouraging and creating favorable conditions for us to participate in sport activities to do exercise. Consequently, today we can feel the happiness of winning and continue to play in the final of the national VUG next time”.

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