DTU Offers Preferential Tuition Fees and Generous 2017 Scholarships

DTU has carefully maintain edtuition fees over the years to build a solid foundation for steady improvement of educational standards and skills in the Central region. With many other universities nationwide increasing tuition independently in 2016-2017, fees at DTU amount to only 14.4 million vnd per year. The universityalso offers a large number of generous scholarships.
Co s? v?t ch?t hi?n d?i t?i ÐH Duy Tân dáp ?ng nhu c?u gi?ng d?y và h?c t?p c?a gi?ng viên và sinh viên
The well-appointed DTU campus 

In 2016-2017, several Vietnamese universities increased fees sharply and now charge an average of 16 to 17.5 million vnd a year, an annual increase of 2 million, with planned increases of 10 to 30% from now on.There are some private universities charging students VND 26 to 50 million per school year.In contrast, DTU has regulated tuition fees. 

At DTU,fees amount to 7.2 million vndfor 16 credits per semester. In addition, in this credit-based system, students can actually sign up for 19 credits per semester but only pay for 16, with the 3 free extra credits per semester and 6 per year, with free Physical Education credits.

For 22 years now, DTU has held a strong positionin educationin Vietnam. With the motto “We Do Everything For Student Rights, Careers and Startups”, DTU has focused on enhancing the quality of its facilities, faculty and academic programs, and, over the past 10 years, the quality and quantity of the DTU faculty has steadily increased. Many DTU lecturers graduated from leading universities in the USA, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Korea and Belgium. The university has published 486 international publications in ISI-indexed journals and Scopus. 

Meanwhile, DTU has collaborated with some prestigious American universitiesto develop advanced academic programs and send lecturers overseas for training.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân: H?c phí uu dãi cùng nhi?u “gói” h?c b?ng m?i  ?nh 1
Nguyen Thi Thanh, on the left, a 2015 DTU valedictorian, scored 25/30, with Huynh Tan Dung, scoring 26.75/30. Both received full scholarships 

In 2017-2018, DTU is offering: 

- Full scholarships to enrollees in the advanced CSU,PSU, CSU and PNU programs scoring a minimum of 20 in the National High School Final Exam.

- Three full scholarships for applicants signing up for the On-Site Study-Abroad program in partnership with Troy University in America.

- Full scholarshipsfor applicants signing up for the General Practitioner and Bachelor of Pharmacy programs, with a three-subject High Graduation Exam total score of 24 points or higher, except for the General Practitioner and Bachelor of Pharmacy programs.

- Additional scholarships from local businesses, American universities and others.

For the Study-Abroad programs, including the 1+1+2, the 2+2 and the 3+1, candidates will receive free visa application advice. Partners in the Study-Abroad programs include Purdue University, Appalachian State University, Lorain County Community College, all in the USA, and Coventry University in the UK.The On-Site Study-Abroad program at Upper Iowa University will cost only $2,500 per year, a reduction of $5,000 from last year, whereas US students pay $24,000. DTU also grants 50 partial and full scholarships, totaling 16 billion vnd, to students who enroll in the program with at least 22 points for three subjects in the National High School Graduation Final Examination. 

By maintaining annual tuition at 14.4 million vnd, DTU is trying to share the burden with students and parents with financial difficulties, in the pursuit of a bright future, while many public and private universities nationwide have increased their fees.

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