The 2017 Taiwan Education Fair 2017 Held at DTU

On March 13th, DTU, the National Chi Nan University and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City jointly organized the 2017 Taiwan Education Fair, attended by reprentatives from forty leading Taiwanese universities and eighty-six agencies. Universities included the National Taipei University of Technology, Chung Hua University, the Nan Kai University of Technology, the Tzu Chi University of Science &Technology, the National Taichung University of Education, the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality & Tourism, the National Chin-Yi University of Technology and the National Kaohsiung Marine University and so on. 

Opening the Fair, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President & Provost, said: “It is a welcome surprise to see forty of the leading Taiwanese universities in the fields of  Natural Sciences,  Social Sciences, Economics,  Law, International Relations, Medicine, Foreign Languages and so on at the 2017 Education Fair at DTU.  We hope that today’s meeting will offer greater opportunities for educational collaboration between Vietnam and Taiwan. I expect Taiwanese universities to send experienced lecturers here to teach and students to here study. It takes only two hours to fly between Vietnam and Taiwan, so this is a great opportunity for our universities to start exchanging lecturers and students to allow students to access the diversified academic programs of both countries.”

Professor Yuh-Long Su, President of the National University of Chi Nan, said: “We highly appreciate collaborative opportunities to enhance the quality of education in Taiwan, so there are ten of our provosts and vice-provosts attending this fair. Four thousand Vietnamese students are now studying in Taiwan and half of the international students at the National University of Chi Nan are high achieving Vietnamese. We hope to tighten cooperation between our two countries and invite leaders of Danang, Quang Nam province and DTU lecturers to visit the National University of Chi Nan soon.”
Students from Danang and Quang Nam at the fair

On behalf of Taiwanese Ministry of Education, Ms. Au Quy Huy, Education Secretary of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City, emphasized that Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries are important strategic partners of Taiwan.  She said that the fair has strengthened cooperation between the two countries and that Taiwan has already welcomed significant numbers of Vietnamese students to study and work there. Beginning in 2018, if Taiwanese citizens plan to study Vietnamese, then Taiwanese universities are ready to organize Vietnamese language classes. 

This was the first time that students from Danang and Quang Nam had gained first-hand information about universities in Taiwan. One thousand scholarships to study in Taiwan were awarded, four hundred for PhD degree  programs, eight hundred for Master’s and three hundred for Bachelor’s. 

DTU Study-Abroad programs for students in the Central Region also include the 1+1+2 program with Lorain County Community College in Ohio, the 2+2 programs with Purdue University (ranked 6th in Technology in the USA), Cape Breton University in Canada, Appalachian State University and Medaille College, and the 3+1 program with Coventry University in the UK. DTU students can now study international-standard programs, become accustomed to an international life-style and procure a remunerative position on graduation.

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