Workshop “Goal Setting for Career Success”

On March 14th, DTU teamed up with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) to hold a workshop entitled “Goal Setting for Career Success”. WUSC representatives and volunteers, together with lecturers and students from the DTU Faculty of Tourism and International School attended.
WUSC volunteers speaking

Founded in 1920, WUSC is a leading Canadian non-governmental organization promoting a higher quality of living and sustainability throughout the world. WUSC has a wide network of educational institutions, companies, small businesses, civil and social organizations and volunteers, with the objective of enhancing educational opportunities worldwide and creating jobs for millions of young people. So far, WUSC has developed programs in thirteen nations in Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America. In Hanoi since 1991, WUSC has offered various educational programs around the country. WUSC volunteers have been working closely with local partners to determine their special needs, such as teaching methods, professional skills training, marketing and communications, project management and partnership development.

DTU students at the workshop

Two WUSC volunteers, Allison McDonald and Jessica Barrett, students from the University of Ottawa in Canada, told the DTU students about their secret strategies and experiences on the road to successful careers. They stressed that students must devise a concrete plan for themselves, with both short and long-term objectives, and then attain their goals, step-by-step. At each stage they will learn about their personal shortcomings and essential skills which need to be improved, such as time management, the ability to work alone or in a team, problem-solving skills, and so on. This method will turn wishes into reality and help them to find jobs that are most compatible with their interests and capabilities.

“This is a really a vital activity students,” says Ngo My Han, from class K22DLK1. “With the information the volunteers have given us and the experiences they have shared, I have learned how to set goals for my projects and then create plans to achieve them. In addition, the workshop was run totally in English, which helped me improve my language skills to assist me in my studies and future career.”

In November 2016, DTU and WUSC signed an agreement to jointly plan various activities to improve the performance of lecturers and allow students to learn more.

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