Many Scientists at Nuclear Physics Workshop at DTU

Thirty leading scientists from Vietnam and around the world came to DTU to take part in the International Workshop on Quantum Many-Body Problems in Particle, Nuclear, and Atomic Physics.
Các nhà khoa h?c qu?c t? và Vi?t Nam v? tham d? h?i th?o t?i ÐH Duy Tân
 International and Vietnamese scientists at the workshop at DTU
Taking place from March 8 to 11, 2017, the first International Workshop on Quantum Many-Body Problems in Particle, Nuclear, and Atomic Physics was organized at DTU, with main objective to create an opportunity for scientists to present and discuss their latest research results and thence to promote collaborations and broadening future practical research. 
“More than five years ago, DTU started focusing on boosting schoolwide scientific research,” said Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, when speaking at the workshop. “In addition to investing in the building of infrastructure and the opening of research centers whose staff are professors and PhDs graduated from famous universities around the world, DTU has also been organizing many national and international conferences to create scientific research forums of discussion. Organizing this conference, we warmly welcome the leading scientists that have come to DTU. The past scientific research of our university has resulted in 731 publications in national and international scientific journals, among which 405 were in ISI/SCI/SSCI indexed international ones. In the field of nuclear physics in particular, there have been thirteen publications in international journals of which seven in leading ISI indexed journals, only one year after the founding of the research group with just three members. We hope that, after this conference, there will be a lot of collaborations and support for international and DTU scientists to continue their socially useful research.”
30 representatives, among which 14 professors and PhDs from Japan, the USA, India, and Hungary or else working at Vietnamese institutes and universities, gave talks at the workshop. 22 research topics were presented around topics like Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) research in nuclear physics and high-energy physics, physical properties of cold atoms, and nuclear structure and issues related to cosmology.
Many of the scientists’ high-quality research was presented at the workshop, such as “Topics on Heavy Ion Collisions” by Prof. Hideki Hamagaki from the Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science (Japan), “Phase Diagram in the Vector Meson Extended PQM Model” by Prof. Gordon Baym from the University of Illinois (USA), “Recent Progress of Nuclear Physics with Strangeness” by ScD Emiko Hiyama from the Riken Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Japan), and “The 3-3-1 Models and New Physics” by Prof. Hoang Ngoc Long of the Institute of Physics at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (Vietnam). DTU contributed to the workshop through Ass.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Hung’s talk “Nuclear Theory Group at Duy Tan University” and MSc Le Tan Phuc’s talk “Disappearance of Bubbles in Hot 28,34Si Nuclei”.
One of the main members of the organizing committee for this workshop was ScD Nguyen Dinh Dang, who is now active at the Riken Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Japan). ScD Nguyen Dinh Dang is a Vietnamese scientist with five publications in the leading scientific journal Physical Review Letters, and he is co-author of the work “Simultaneous microscopic description of nuclear level density and radiative strength function” that has been published in Physical Review Letters just on January 9, 2017.
“I am very happy that this 2017 international workshop on nuclear physics has taken place after many efforts by those passionate about nuclear physics research in Vietnam,” ScD Nguyen Dinh Dang affirms. “Organized by DTU with the support of Riken, the workshop is really specially meaningful in gathering a lot of research related to nuclear and atomic physics to be presented and discussed. I am now working at Riken and I am very happy to meet DTU scientists to work on quality research and also to take part in today’s workshop.”

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