Taiwan Education Fair 2017 at DTU

On March 13 at Duy Tan University in Danang city, the Taiwan Education Fair 2017 took place. The fair saw the participation of forty Taiwanese universities that presented information on the details of the universities and of scholarships for overseas study at several levels. 
About 1500 scholarships for studies in Taiwan were awarded: 400 for Doctoral research degree, 800 for Master’s degree programs, and 300 for Bachelor’s degree programs. A great many students from Danang city and Quang Nam province visited the fair.
Also within the framework of the Fair, DTU presented several advanced programs it developed through collaborations with well-known universities such as Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania State University, and California State University San Luis Obispo. DTU also has overseas study and on-site study-abroad programs in the formats 1+1+2, 3+1, and 4+0.

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