Certificates Awarded for Nursing Course Given by German and Dutch Physicians

A training course,entitled “Technology Transfer in Nursing”, was held from February 13th to March 2ndby DTU and Vifi, a German NGO which supports Vietnamese women and children. Students were taught directly by nurses from Germany and the Netherlands and received certificates of completion on March 3rd.
Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, presents flowers to Ms. Nguyen Thi My Hanh, Chairwoman of Vifi
Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, the DTU Vice-Provost in charge of Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing, said: “Our standard of living is improving and health-care requirements are increasing. Health-care becomes stronger when practical and positive contributions are made to the system, especially care for the elderly, children, single women, people with disabilities and those needing rehabilitation. The need for professional training of expert physicians and nurses is also growing, so this course was very timely. Fifteen topics were covered, aimed at solving issues such as professional nursing practice, health care for the elderly, balanced nutritional and improving the understanding of the German language at nursing training institutions, demonstrating the advantages of the cooperative program.”
Ms. Nguyen Thi My Hanh, Chairwoman of Vifi, said, “Three weeks is a short time, but, thanks to the enthusiasm of our German and Dutch experts and the students’ love of learning, the course has provided the basic information about working as a nurse in Germany or other parts of Europe, providing the students a full understanding of the latest, most advanced nursing skills. More and more Vietnamese nurses have been training and working in Germany to resolve the labor shortage there, so this training course has been extremely for those who wish to go there.” 
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co awards student certificates
Ms. Dorothea Moczek, a nurse at the Bergmannsheil Hospital, in Bochum, Germany, and Ms. Ascha Kikstra, a nurse at the emergency medicine operating room at the Maasstad Hospital in the Netherlands, presented ways of improving digestion and appropriate nutrition and dietsto ensure the physical and mental health of patients. Ms. Annegret Lieberoth Leden, a nurse at the Honigstal Hospital in Wuppertal-Heckinghausenin Germany,talked about medical conditions that are common today, such as vascular congestion in the elderly, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,gastropathy and issues related to digestion, nutrition and food for paralyzed patientsand depression,and how to treat them. In parallel with the theoretical lessons, students practiced on patients in the Practice Room of the DTU Faculty of Nursing, using advanced facilities and equipment. Nursing staff from training institutions such as the Au Lac Hue Vocational Training School, the Hai Chau District Health Center, the Thanh Khe District Health Center, the Danang C Hospital, the Military Medical Hospital 17, the Ministry of Public Security Hospital 199, together with lecturers and students of the DTU Faculty of Nursing took part and received Certificates ofCompletion.
“I want to thank Duy Tan University for teaming up with the European hospitals to organize such an informative course,” said Ms. KieuNgocTuyet, of the Military Medical Hospital 17, whenshereceivedhercertificate. “Nursing in Vietnam and Germany is very different and Vietnamese nurses have learned about a country with a very advanced health care system. We were taught by experts about topics including patient psychology, rehabilitation care intervention, complications and patient nutrition. DTU has been investing in nursing education, including this course, to help students improve their skills and become confident enough to take patient health-care intotheir hands whenthey graduate.”
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