A Vietnam-Korea Workshop on Selected Mathematical Topics Held at DTU

Fifty Korean researchers and one hundred mathematicians from the Institute of Mathematics, the Vietnamese Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics and universities nationwide attended the Vietnam-Korea Workshop on Selected Topics in Mathematics at DTU from February 20th to 24th. The workshop was held by the Institute of Mathematics, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, the Vietnamese Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, the Korean Institute for Advanced Study and the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Duy Tan University.
  Ðông d?o các Nhà khoa h?c Vi?t Nam và Hàn qu?c tham d? và báo cáo t?i H?i th?o
The workshop provided a forum for participants from the two countries to share their ideas and research and strengthen ties between Vietnamese and Korean mathematicians. The workshop also helped DTU create partnerships with several mathematical societies to improve the quality of education and research. 

Speaking at the event, Professor JongHae Keum, former President of the Korean Institute for Advanced Study, said: “The collaboration between Vietnamese and Korean mathematicians started more than 20 years ago. In recent years, more workshops have been organized to create excellent opportunities for mathematicians to exchange information and their experiences. Their ideas and the results of their research have been successfully applied in real-life in many areas of society.”

Ninety-three papers were presented at the workshop, focusing on the following selected areas in Mathematics: Algebra; Geometry; Commutative Algebra and Number Theory; Dynamics; Partial Differential Equations and Differential Equations, Systems of Dynamics and Optimization.

Several qualified papers were presented by Vietnamese and Koreans participants, including “Dynamics beyond hyperbolicity” by Professor Keonhee Lee, from the National Chungnam University in Korea; and “Dynamical behavior of population in random environments” by Professor Nguyen Huu Du, of the Vietnamese Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics. DTU researchers contributed two papers: “Balancing domain decomposition by constraints and perturbation” by Dr. Nguyen Trung Hieu and “The infinite differentiability of the speed for excited random walks” by Dr. Pham Cong Dan. These papers now will be eligible for publication in respected mathematical journals. 

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