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Some Impressive Educational Speeches of 2016

Several speeches on the national education system by leaders of education, professional educators and students drew public attention in 2016.

On December 3rd, at the Commendation Ceremony for prize winners of the student international Olympiad and outstanding students in the 2016 High School Graduation Examination, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized that Vietnamese universities should be modernized to international standards in order to graduate talented entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Jack Ma.

Reporting to the National Assembly on November 16th, Vice PM Vu Duc Dam stressed that, “Improving the educational system is like rebuilding a house within a certain number of years. People want to know in advance what the final system will look like and how many times it will change before then.”

At the colloquium “Improving PhD Training” on November 10th, the Minister of Education and Training, Bui Van Ga, admitted that the quality of education offered to PhDs in Vietnam is still erratic. Only 15 million vnd per year is spent on training a PhD student, which is way too low.

Professor Vu Minh Giang, Vice Chairman of the History and Science Association, considered that the current way of teaching history requires too much memorization, which the students dislike. In future, history education should be reoriented towards improving teaching skills, encouraging students’ interest and allowing them to use search tools during examinations.

After the Ministry of Education and Training announced the 2017 HGE project, Dr. Luong Hoai Nam suggested that the system should be radically changed, but in a professional, orderly way, with the onus on students and parents. He suggested that Vietnam should study the Singaporean enrollment and education systems.

On November 29th, at the colloquium “The Role and responsibility young people in the information society”, Pham Thi Thanh, a student at the Academy of Cryptography Techniques, asked how a graduate could to get a job in Vietnam at a starting salary of $2,000 per month. His question raised debate amongst recruiters, students and the general public.

On the unemployment issue, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co remarked that a current weakness of the Vietnamese university education system is that undergraduates are still instilled with habits of searching for a job, working and earning money, but seriously lack any entrepreneurial spirit.

In April, just after taking office, Minister Phung Xuan Nha said at the National Assembly that he believes we can only succeed when society believes in education. Lacking this conviction leads only leads to failure.

There are many disreputable consultants who send students to study in South Korea, under the guise of learning the language, said Nguyen Trung Kien, Vice Chairman of the Vietnamese Students’ Association in Korea. He advised people planning to use overseas studies as a cover for working to desist, as it is absolutely not the way to become rich.

In October, at a workshop for teachers about improving English language education in the classroom, Can Tho University Vice-Provost and Associate Professor Do Van Xe stated that the main reason English language teaching is ineffective is that, for many decades, English has been taught in Vietnamese.

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