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Beginning of Spring DTU Meeting

On the 30th of January, 2012, the DTU Board of Rectors held a meeting with the entire DTU staff and lecturers on the first working day of the Lunar New Year. The meeting demonstrated the determination to strive to meet new objectives for 2012.
Mr. Le Cong Co speaks at the meeting 

Besides wishing everyone a Happy New Year, Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman and Rector also emphasized that: “This year is considered to be the one where we continue to build a strong humanistic foundation, so that finally we can all reflect the joy of working at DTU. In order to carry this out we need to take specific actions”. According to the current schedule, there will be four big seminars on humanities at Duy Tan this year. This affirms the determination of DTU to perfect a humanistic environment. Mr Le Cong Co added that, in 2012, DTU will rank lecturers in order to improve the educational quality of the university.

In addition, Dr. Vo Thanh Hai and Mr. Huynh Ngoc Hao, DTU Vice-Rectors, explained new enrollment consulting and examination invigilator training procedures to the staff and lecturers.

In the spirit of the New Year, DTU is expected to achieve much more in 2012. “We have created an environment where we can try harder to share more ideas, respect each other and help one another. By working together we can build even stronger foundations at DTU" said Mr. Le Cong Co.
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