Let’s Vote for DTU!

From the 100th position on the voting list, DTU made great efforts and came second in the “I’m Proud of My University” competition held by www.banbe.net.

Surprised by DTU’s swift rise in the balloting, Vinh University (with about 3,600 votes) came up with some strong strategies to increase the gap between the two universities. However, DTU did not give up easily and only three hundred votes separated the two universities for several days.
DTU students being told how to vote
This competition was first launched for all universities and colleges around the country on the 10th of September, 2011. DTU entered the contest two months later than other universities. However, with the support of the DTU Board of Rectors and the continuous efforts of the members of the DTU Public Relations department, members of FDTU, the DTU Facebook and the DTU Academic Forum, votes for DTU climbed to 3,200.
DTU students vote for DTU 

In the meantime, another contest “DTU’s Best Dressed Through the Lens” has been launched with the aim of voting for the university. The best photos of DTU dress can be viewed at http://banbe.net/pages/dai_hoc_duy_tan/5000001004/feed#!?fk=1.

Voting for DTU in the “Proud of My University” competition will end on 31st December, 2011. At the moment, DTU students all share the feeling that they are so proud to be DTU students”. DTU will become number one very soon. Let’s all vote for DTU!

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