DTU is the Only Private University to Receive the Coveted New MOET Award

In Hanoi on 29th October, 2011, MOET held a review conference to grant Flags to institutions with high achievement in 2010-2011. DTU was the only private university to receive this award.
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao receives the award from MOET

DTU entered the academic year with several challenges. By making significant improvements in administrative procedures and teaching methods, DTU has achieved remarkable progress in such areas as enrollment efficiency and the percentage of new graduates finding jobs (85%). One lecturer has been appointed to the post of Associate Professor and two as Doctors. In addition, over 50 lecturers were trained in the USA and one Ministry level project was completed. DTU students won First Prize in the “Climate Change Competition” and Third Prize in the OLP and Loa Thanh competition, all of which were great sources of pride for DTU.

Dr Le Nguyen Bao said: “Only 22 of more than 400 universities and colleges were qualified by MOET to receive this award. This will be an inspiration for DTU to work even harder in the future”. 

Every year MOET will grant this distinguished award to educational institutions with high achievement. This will be a new incentive for national universities and colleges to strive to improve themselves.

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