A Welcoming Ceremony for New DTU K17 Students

A major event was held all day on 9th October to welcome new K17 students.

Calligraphy at the DTU Architecture Dpt. booth 

Despite heavy rain, the event attracted thousands of new students with many interesting activities. This was a time for DTU departments to show off their skills and accomplishments to new students. By attending the event, freshmen had a chance to find out more about their faculties, get to know each other and take part in various types of traditional games.

Nguyen Ha My Duyen, a freshman in the DTU Tourism Department said: “The event exceeded my expectations and I had a great time. Thanks go to the DTU Board of Rectors for organizing such an informative event for us”.

The welcoming ceremony for new students began at 7pm. After the drum was beaten to begin the new academic year, Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman and Rector said: “You are now holding the key to success, with DTU lecturers supporting you and showing you the way. I hope all of you will study hard to achieve your goals. Your success will be the greatest gift you can offer to your parents and lecturers”.
Mr. Huynh Ngoc Hao beats the drum to start the new academic year 

At the ceremony, 52 students with high enrollment test scores were awarded scholarships by the DTU Board of Rectors. Nguyen Van Sam of the DTU/CMU Software Technology program became Valedictorian of the 2010-2011 academic year, with a score of 24.25. Two other scholarships were also granted by the Danang Civil Instruction Association for high achievement.

Winners in the “New Students’ Impressions of DTU” competition 

In addition, prizes were awarded to winners of the “New Students’ Impressions of DTU” competition. This was a writing contest for new students to share impressions about their first days at DTU.

The DTU Youth Union enthralled the audience with lion dancing and musical performances. The event brought students closer to each other in preparation for the new academic year.

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