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The Philosophy of a DTU Education

Nowadays, education plays an important role in globalization. Although limited natural resources are continually exploited and used up, whereas the development of human knowledge is permanent and limitless. One of our main requirements is a highly-qualified labor force and a high level of education to supply information and ideas, together with the science and state-of-the-art technology to educate future generations.

Mr. Le Cong Co, DTU Rector

Since its establishment as a private university in 1994, DTU has been aware of the role of higher education in society. Moving into the 21st century DTU has been carefully planning and implementing its own unique Mission, Vision, Structure and Goals in order to steadily create and provide such a qualified and dynamic workforce to the community.

1.      Our Mission:

Powered by Vietnamese ideals and the traditions of the historic DuyTan movement, our university leverages its own inherent strengths and resources by partnering with other renowned universities, at home and abroad, backed by a broad range of local companies, enterprises and individuals. Our goal is to become a multi-level, multi-discipline, international university. We will provide highly qualified, dynamic graduates, with a broad education in fields of business and technology, to accelerate the modernization and development of the nation of Vietnam.

2. Our Vision:

Duy Tan University aims to become recognized as a world leader in Information Technology and Business Administration education and also pre-eminent in Vietnam in all disciplines. By the year 2020, our strategy plans to:

-         Create a modern and friendly study environment that exceeds the expected levels of satisfaction of students and lecturers alike, especially in the implementation of e-learning systems and other highly efficient computer applications. 

-         Develop and promote the use of the English language for all staff and students, recognizing that this is essential in becoming a truly international institution and in broadening students’ lives and career opportunities.

-         To encourage and educate all our staff, especially the newer and less-experienced ones, to adhere to highly professional standards, including teaching methods and research activities.

-         To continue to strive to become recognized as a Vietnamese university with international standards, through our partnerships with foreign universities and other organizations.

3. Our Model

DTU is planning to construct the model of a university with strong ties to scientific principles and research, in order to keep pace with rapid social development in Vietnam.

4. Our Educational Philosophy

Like other universities in Vietnam, DTU is now facing not only formidable challenges, but also big, new opportunities in national socio-economic development. To address this, DTU’s priority is now to set goals to compete in such a competitive economy.

Following its traditional philosophy, DTU has made remarkable efforts to fulfill its mission: “To Link Academic Education and Practical Research for the Good of Humanity”, which is the guideline for all DTU Management Board decisions.

 Academic Education Combined with Practical Research:

According to a professor, “To study is to know, to do, to live and to survive”.

- - “To study is to know”: means knowing how to apply knowledge to solve problems in different situations.

- - “To study is to do”: means ensuring that acquired knowledge is made use of.

- - “To study is to live”: means ensuring mutual cooperation and healthy competition.

- - “To study is to survive”: means learners are treated equally, physically and mentally.

-         In order to achieve these goals, DTU has clearly defined its academic strategies as follows:

-         Educate the local workforce up to international standards.

-         Conduct scientific research to serve the development of society in general.

-         Enhance the qualifications of DTU staff and lecturers to reach the standards set by the MOET for an advanced university.

-         Ensure that DTU graduates have the necessary skills to integrate into dynamic working environments.

-         Enhance the DTU infrastructure by equipping laboratories with modern facilities.

-         Develop and promote DTU as a cultural center of Central Vietnam.  

-         Meet all the accreditation standards of higher education in Vietnam and the region.

-         In order to make our vision and strategy statements a reality, the university has already initiated partnerships with prestigious universities in the USA:  

-         With Carnegie Mellon (CMU), in Software Technology, Computer Networks and Information Systems.

-         With Penn State University (PSU), in Business Administration, Accounting, Banking and Tourism.

-         With California State University (CSU) , in Civil Engineering and Architecture.

-         Also with other American universities such as Seattle Pacific University (Washington), San Jose (California), UNC (North Carolina) and so on, by inviting lecturers to come to DTU to teach students and lecturers.

-         DTU has meanwhile created a youthful, highly-qualified team of motivated lecturers, staff with an average age of 36.

-         Owns five campuses around Danang, with hundreds of well-equipped classrooms, laboratories and libraries, serving over 18,000 lecturers and students at all levels.

-         Achieved MOET accreditation in April 2009.

5. Humanity is the Foundation of all DTU Development:

Recent changes in the Vietnamese economy, politics, culture and society have affected the thinking of the younger generation. Unfortunately, there are some negative implications, so, reinforcing traditional cultural values is essential in modern times.

With strong academic national tradition, the Vietnamese people have always strived to use their knowledge and experience to achieve their basic goals. As a developing country it is now one of our key responsibilities to encourage young people to study harder, in order to become an integral part of the highly-qualified workforce which will navigate our country into the future.

It is a priority of the DTU Management Board to consider student and lecturer rights by:

 -  Creating a unique DTU culture in all educational activities, especially in practical scientific research.

 -  Understanding that the success of students and lecturers is the source of DTU’s pride and happiness.

 -  Ensuring that every member of DTU tries to be more creative in teaching and working to make a better DTU.

In conclusion, in a period of development and modernization, the need for a high-qualified workforce is essential in the fields of economics, science and technology to keep pace with broadening social requirements. DTU has already provided thousands of graduates who have proved that a good education is the foundation for the comprehensive and sustainable development of individuals and society in general.

Le Cong Co
DTU Chairman & Rector



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